MT The new Tool Magazine

MT tool magazines can be used either as external auxiliary magazines or to interlock directly the machine tool

It consists of an external structure in steel sections, where circular sectors with tool holders are horizontally assembled.

These sectors are appropriately positioned vertically depending on the length of the tools, using a set of holes already prearranged in the structure.

The tools are loaded manually in an easy position for the operator on a swiveling outward sector, carrying 4 grippers.

The magazine is completed by a 3-axis central rotary manipulator with a tool holder gripper arm that takes the tools from the fixed grippers and transfers it, according to need, on a fixed station or buffer or directly to the machine.

The magazine can be supplied with autonomous control cabinet with a push-button panel and dialog function with the CNC machine tool.

The production of these medium-sized magazine is planned, as shown in the table, for all types of cones ISO, HSK, Capto, BT and for tool weights from 10 to 40 kg.

Tools with different cones can be also arranged in the same magazine, eg. HSK 63 and ISO 40, or ISO 50 and Capto C10, with gripper arms appropriately prearranged.


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